Cannot start join.me due to a missing join.me.exe file







The join.me desktop app fails to start and you are informed that the join.me.exe file can't be found. In some cases you are informed that there is a problem with the shortcut and that join.me.exe has been changed or moved. 


This is not caused by a problem with join.me itself, but rather by a piece of malware called "Kovter Trojan" that is not yet recognized by most anti-virus software services. We are actively working with third-party anti-virus software providers to resolve this issue.  


Until anti-virus services can recognize the culprit malware, you may want to try these workarounds.
Caution: LogMeIn cannot guarantee the success of these solutions and cannot be held responsible for damage caused by third-party software or malware. Always exercise extreme caution when confronting a possible malware infection. Malware can cause unforeseen damage to your system even after removal. 
  • Option 1. If you’re using Windows Defender, update it and run a full scan.
  • Option 2. Download and run Symantec’s malware removal tool
  • Option 3. Download and run Microsoft’s malware removal tool.  
  • Option 4. Download and run this powershell script made by our team. The powershell script itself may be recognized as malware. Allow it to run nonetheless. If the script detects the Kovter Trojan, follow online instructions to delete it.
If these options don't solve the issue, you may want to contact your anti-virus provider or other third-party computer security professionals.



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