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GoToWebinar Organizer Quick Start

Quickly get started with GoToWebinar as an organizer.


GoToWebinar Attendee Quick Start

Get started with GoToWebinar as an attendee.


GoToWebinar Audio Made Easy

Setup and adjust your GoToWebinar Audio options.

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Sign up for a free live training

LogMeIn is happy to provide free, regularly recurring product training for our online services.


What's new in GoToWebinar?

Keep track of what's going on with GoToWebinar and learn about our newest features and changes.

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Learn more about our browser-based app

The Instant Join app is one of the quickest and easiest ways to join a webinar - right from your web browser!

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Get help joining a webinar

Having trouble joining your webinar, downloading the software or connecting to audio? We can help!

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Switch audio modes in session

You can switch the audio mode you use to connect to the webinar while the event is in progress.

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Manage users in the Admin Center

Add and manage the users on your account, set up product defaults and configure user settings.

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Why am I being asked to log in?

If you're an attendee and you're stuck on a log-in screen, you probably reached that screen by mistake.

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