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How do I get started with GoToMyPC Beta?

    This article introduces you to the GoToMyPC Beta and its features.

    Thank you for participating in the GoToMyPC Beta! This article will introduce you to the GoToMyPC Beta and its features. You can provide feedback through the online feedback form displayed at the end of your session.

    Useful GoToMyPC Terms

    • Access Code - Your access code is the unique password that you set up for each host computer. You will use the access code every time you log in to a host computer (Windows or Mac) remotely.
    • Account Password - The account password is used to log in to the GoToMyPC Web site.
    • Client Computer - The client computer is the computer (Windows or Mac) used to access the host. It can be any Internet-connected computer with a web browser located anywhere in the world (airport kiosk, Internet cafe, hotel, library, etc.).
    • Computer Nickname - The computer nickname is the name assigned to a host computer (Windows or Mac) while downloading the GoToMyPC software. Nicknames help identify different computers set up for remote access.
    • Host - The host is the specific computer (Windows or Mac) you want to access from a remote location. You will install the GoToMyPC software on the host Windows or Mac computer.Viewer - The Viewer is the window displayed on your client computer in which the host's desktop will appear. The Viewer window has its own title and menu bar.
    Article last updated: 17 March, 2023