Grasshopper, the Entrepreneur's Phone System

Getting Started with Grasshopper

The guide to getting up and running with your Grasshopper account

1Setup Tutorial

The first time you log into your account, you’ll be taken through a setup tutorial. You'll first be prompted to select a greeting template.

  • Simple greeting template - we'll automatically create one extension for you.
  • Department greeting template - we'll automatically create three extensions for you.

Once you select a template for your account setup, our tutorial will walk you through setting up the rest of your account.

Setup FAQs

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You can do this on step one of the setup tutorial. Click the "No thanks, I'll setup my account manually" link.
Yes, to do this you'd set your number to transfer to an extension. Learn more

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2Extensions Basics

Grasshopper offers two different types of extensions:

  1. Department (like sales, billing, etc.) have a single-digit extension (x1)
  2. Employee (for individuals) have a three-digit extension (x701)

To add an extension, go to Extensions and then choose Add extension.

Once you've added an extension, you'll be able to add your call forwarding number(s), set a call forwarding schedule, decide how we should forward your calls, and set up notifications.

3Greeting Basics

There are four customizable greetings in your account:

  • Main Greeting: This is what someone hears when they call your Grasshopper number. It’s the “Thank you for calling ABC Company…” recording that you hear when your call is first connected.
  • Call Forwarding Greeting: This is what will play when a call is being transferred to an extension. By default, it’s set to “Please hold while we connect your call to…”
  • Recorded Extension Name: Your recorded name (ex: Allison) or department name (ex: Sales). It’s played with your transfer greeting, and also in the name directory (if you have that set up).
  • Voicemail Greeting: The recording that plays when someone goes to voicemail.

Grasshopper has four options to record your greetings, so you can choose what’s easiest for you! Learn more.

4User Basics

There are two types of users:

  • Administrator: Can change user permissions, upgrade and downgrade your plan, buy Voice Studio, and add and remove users, numbers and features from your account. By default, the owner of the account is an Administrator.
  • Basic: Can access and change settings, see call logs and access voicemails for extensions they have access to. The Administrator sets which extensions a basic user can access.

To add, remove or adjust user permissions, go to Settings, then click Users.