How Do I Add Custom Registration Questions to the Recording Link?



You may now use your original registration link to share your webinar recording post-session. You may edit the recording associated with the link at any time.




Organizers who want to customize the registration questions for a recording will be able to associate any recording with a newly scheduled webinar and choose to share it after the webinar ends. If there is no live event planned, the webinar must be started at least once, even if there are no attendees present, or the webinar and registration will be lost. The registration link can then be used indefinitely to share the recording with answers to the customized questions found in the Registration Report. The Recording Report will still be required to see information regarding views.
Note: Recordings must first be uploaded to the My Recordings page.
To Enable Recording Access Post Webinar Via Registration Link:

  1. Sign-In at
  2. Click the Past Webinars tab
  3. Click Webinar name
  4. Click Edit next to Registration Settings
  5. Click the Registration tab
  6. Scroll to the Recording section
  7. Check the box that says After the webinar ends new registrants view a recording
  8. Click Save




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