View Webinar History

You can view webinar history to see information on your past sessions, including the session’s date, time, title, duration and attendees. Your webinar history is stored for up to a year (unless a webinar is canceled).

Note: If a session has just ended, it may take up to 15 minutes before it appears in your webinar history.

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View past webinar history

Log in at

2. Select Webinar History from the left navigation.

3. On the Webinar History page, all past webinars are shown.

View attendee details

1. On the Webinar History page, select the number in the Attendees column to view attendee details (i.e., name, email address and join and leave times) for a past session.

2. To export the attendee data to Excel (.XLS), click the Export to Excel button.


Past Webinars

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