Manage Feature Settings for Users

You can easily modify product settings and the attributes of each application as the default for the account, or for any user or set of users. For new accounts, all settings are enabled and active. You can modify the account-level settings to create a default set, especially for settings such as the long-distance telephone numbers for conferences that are company-specific. You can also create Settings templates that can be applied when you add users.

Apply and maintain product settings

If you apply product settings using a template during the " Add user" process, you can assign a set of new users into a group with all the same product settings. Making changes to the whole group ensures that the settings are consistent. You can also make product setting changes to any selected set of users or for any individual user.

When you make updates to the product settings on any level, you will overwrite the prior settings. For changes made to more than 1 user, you will not be able to view prior settings.

Note: Each setting you modify and save will clear the user selection.

Access feature settings

To view and update feature settings, log in at, then choose from the following Settings options to modify:

  • To set default settings for all users within an account, select User Settings in the left menu, then choose your desired product in the top navigation to make changes to feature settings for all users.
  • To modify feature settings for a single user, go to Manage Users, locate and click on your desired user's name, then click Edit in the "Settings" pane and select your desired product in the top navigation to make changes to the user's feature settings.
  • To modify feature settings for a group of users, select Manage User Groups in the left menu, click the Settings icon next to your desired group, then select your desired product in the top navigation and make changes to the user group's feature settings.

Feature settings options

Each audio and/or feature setting has 2 or more options you can choose from:

  • On – This feature is enabled by default but the user can disable it from their Settings page.
  • DisabledUsers cannot use or modify this feature.
  • Off – This feature is disabled by default but users can enable it from their Settings page.

GoToWebinar settings

Audio settings

Audio is configurable or you can use your own conference phone numbers. The audio option is applied when an organizer schedules a session (meeting, training, webinar, etc.) and is included in the event invitation email. You can set audio options for all organizers, groups of users, for specific users, and for specific meetings.

  • VoIP – Session attendees will connect via computer microphone and speakers. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the default Internet audio and is free to all users. Session invitation will include a URL that uses VoIP by default.
  • Long distance number – Session attendees will see a list of number(s) they can use to dial in. You can choose which countries to provide long distance numbers for under Countries, and the session invitation will include the numbers by country. Note that the attendee's phone service provider may charge them for the call.
  • Toll-free number – This audio option uses OpenVoice, which is integrated with GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining. Session attendees will see a list of number(s) they can use to dial in. You can choose toll-free numbers for specific countries under Countries and will pay the charges ensuring your attendees are not charged for the call. See OpenVoice toll-free conferences to learn more.
  • Provide their own conference call service in meetings – Session attendees will call the number listed in the invitation if you have a private conference calling service such as Grasshopper. Enter the number(s) from your conference service under Custom Message.

Feature settings

  • Record webinars – Organizers can record sessions.
  • Let staff share webcams during meetings – Organizers and Staff members can share their webcams during sessions.Organizers and Staff members can share their webcams during the session.
  • Allow chat and Q&A in webinars – Attendees can chat and ask questions during sessions.


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