Password-Protect a Webinar

As an organizer, you can choose to password-protect your webinars. This means that in order to join the session, your attendees will need to enter a secret password of your choosing.

Remember that you must send the password to your participants or they won't be able to enter the meeting. For security reasons, GoToMeeting doesn't send the password for you.

1. First, schedule a webinar.

2. From the My Webinars page, click a webinar's title to open its unique Manage Webinar page.

3. Scroll down to "Registration Settings," then click Edit to the right of it.

4. On the Registration page, scroll down to the "Password" section. Enable the "Create a webinar password" check box.

5. Use the text field to create your secret password, then click Save.

Note: When you invite others to the meeting, be sure to inform them of the secret password that you intend to set. GoToWebinar will not automatically send it for them, or remember it for you.