Panelist Quick Start Guide

There are a few different types of GoToWebinar users. Panelists can present, share their webcams, speak, answer questions assigned to them and be promoted (by organizer request). This role also requires an invitation from the webinar organizer. As soon as you join the webinar, you'll see a Panelist-specific Control Panel with a "Panelist" description next to your name in the Attendee list. Once you're familiar with the Control Panel, you'll be able to use the tools special to the Panelist.

Chat with others

As a Panelist, you can chat with organizers and other Panelists to help manage the webinar and presentation flow.

1. Right-click an organizer or Panelist name in the Attendee list and select Send Chat Message. This will change the "To" field in the Chat pane. You can also select the desired recipient(s) from the "Send Chat To" drop-down menu in the Chat pane directly.

2. Enter the desired chat message and click Send.

Answer questions

An organizer can forward questions asked by attendees to Panelists. This will allow you to undock and expand the Questions pane and answer questions.

1. In the Questions pane, select the question you want to answer.

2. After typing in your answer, select Send Privately or Send to all.

Icon definitions:

  • Check icon : The question has been answered.
  • Flag icon : The question has been prioritized.
  • Expand/collapse icon : The Questions pane will undock from or dock to the Control Panel.

Share your screen

When an organizer gives you Presenter controls, you will be able to share your screen, pass keyboard/mouse controls, and switch Presenters. You will also see an "Audience View" pane that provides a thumbnail view of what the audience is currently seeing.

When sharing your screen, you can choose to share a specific application, a clean screen with no icons or taskbar, etc. Read through the Control Panel article for more details on tools and features.


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