Schedule and Manage Webinars via iOS

As an organizer, you can use the iOS app to schedule and manage your webinars while on the go.

Note: This feature is available to organizers only.

Log in as an organizer

If you wish to use the iOS app to schedule, manage and start your webinars, then you will need to first log in with your organizer account.

If you do not have a GoToWebinar account, you can sign up for a free trial here!

Note: You do not need to have a LogMeIn account in order to attend sessions from the iOS app.

1. Tap Sign In in the lower toolbar.

2. Tap Sign In.

3. Enter your organizer credentials (i.e., the email address and password you used to sign up for an account), then tap Sign In.

Schedule a webinar

You can create a new webinar from within the app.

1. Tap My Webinars in the lower toolbar (you must be logged in to see this screen).

2. Tap the Add icon in the upper toolbar.

3. Use the available fields to set up your new webinar:

  • Title – Enter a name for the webinar.
  • Repeat – Choose from a one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or custom schedule.
  • Starts – Select a date and start time for the webinar.
  • Ends – Select an end time for the webinar.
  • Timezone – Select the timezone that your webinar is being hosted from. The start and end times will be automatically adjusted for attendees in other timezones.
  • Registration Type – When scheduling a recurring webinar, you can choose whether to allow participants to register for all sessions at once or for individual sessions.

4. Tap Add in the upper toolbar when finished.

5. Your webinar is now scheduled!

On the Details page, you can also do the following to customize your webinar:

  • Invite others – Tap Share registration link, then select which app you would like to share the link in (e.g., iMessage, Mail, Facebook).
  • Edit the webinar description – Tap Description to add a summary of the webinar topic that attendees can view before the webinar.
  • View and add staff members – Tap Staff under Setup to view, add or remove staff (panelists and external co-organizers).
  • View registration list – Tap Registrations under Registration to view a list of registered attendees in alphabetical order.
  • Sort registration list – Tap the Sort icon on the Registrants screen to sort by name (A-Z or Z-A) or date of registration (last registered or first registered).
  • View registrant details – Tap on a specific registrant for registration details including name and email and any other registration fields marked or questions created.
  • Email, resend confirmation or cancel registration – Tap the More icon on the screen of a specific registrant to email, resend confirmation email or cancel their registration.
  • Change the webinar language – Tap Language at the bottom of the screen to change the default language that the Control Panel and webinar emails will be displayed in.

Edit a meeting

1. Tap My Webinars in the lower toolbar (you must be logged in to see this tab).

2. Tap the webinar you want to modify.

3. From that page, you can do the following:

  • To edit the title, date, time or timezone, tap the webinar title under "basics".
  • To edit the description, tap the Description field.
  • To change the language, tap the Language field.

Add and remove staff members

You can add panelists and external co-organizers to your webinar from within the app.

1. Tap My Webinars in the lower toolbar (you must be logged in to see this screen).

2. Tap the webinar for which you want to add or remove staff members, and then select Staff under "Setup."

3. From that screen, you can do the following:

  • To add a co-organizer or panelist, tap the Plus icon . This page will also remind you of the co-organizer and panelist roles' abilities.
  • To delete a staff member, tap the Options icon next to the individual's name and select Remove from Staff.

View scheduled sessions

1. Tap My Webinars in the toolbar (you must be logged in to see this screen).

2. All upcoming webinars that you scheduled from a computer will be listed on the screen! You can tap an upcoming session to see the following:

  • The date and time of the session
  • The 9-digit Webinar ID
  • The amount of individuals currently registered to attend
  • The amount of individuals who registered today
  • All organizers and panelists added to the webinar

Invite others to a session

1. Tap My Webinars in the toolbar (you must be logged in to see this screen).

2. Tap the desired session.

3. Under "Basics", tap Share registration link.

4. Select the desired app (e.g., Mail, Message, Facebook). This will vary depending on the apps that you have installed on your device.

5. You webinar information will be pre-populated into the app that you selected (e.g., a new email message, a new iMessage).

Join webinar as an organizer

Who's paying attention? How many people like the webinar content? These are a couple organizer-specific features you can manage on your iOS device. You can join your own webinar on an iOS device as a secondary app to view these features. Looking to present from an iPad? Learn about how you can share your iPad's screen and present.

Note: It is not possible to start (i.e., host) a webinar from a mobile device; you must be already broadcasting the webinar from a Windows or Mac computer. Instead, this feature allows you to use your mobile device as a supplementary tool that recognizes you as an organizer and shows you extra tools and features (e.g., "likes" and attentiveness).

1. There are a couple ways to join your own webinar from an iOS device:

  • Tap a specific webinar > Join icon .
  • Tap the More icon next to the specific webinar under My Webinars > Join this webinar.

To track attentiveness and likes, look at the bottom right of the screen. You'll see the total percentage of attendees paying active attention at any given moment. The blue flow chart displays the percentage over the course of the webinar. Next to Attentiveness, you'll see a Heart icon and the number of "likes" your webinar has in real time.

To turn these features off, select the Settings icon > slide View Hearts or View Attentiveness to the disabled position.

To enable attendee's ability to share webinar via social media, select the Settings icon > In session sharing > slide the tab to the enabled position.

Cancel a scheduled webinar

1. Tap My Webinars in the toolbar (you must be logged in to see this screen).

2. Select the desired session.

3. Tap the Options icon > Cancel this webinar.

4. Tap Yes to permanently delete (i.e., cancel) the meeting. Caution: This cannot be undone!

Log out

1. Tap Settings in the toolbar.

2. Tap Log Out.


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