Join Webinars via iOS

You can use the GoToWebinar app for iOS to join webinars while on the go!

Join a session

1. Download the GoToWebinar app from the  App Store.

2. Join a session in any of the following ways:

  • Tap the Join URL of the session (in your Email app, Message app, etc) to automatically launch the app.
  • Open the app, tap Join a Webinar in the bottom toolbar, enter the session ID and tap Join.
  • Open the app and tap the desired session listed on the Join a Webinar screen (if you have the app connected to your calendar).

3. You will be prompted to register for the session if you have not yet done so. You can sign in with one of your social media accounts to skip this step. Note that you must accept the organizer's webinar disclaimer before registering (if prompted to).
4. You will then be automatically launched into session!

Sign in via social media account

You can sign in to the GoToWebinar app with one of your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google). After signing in, a list of webinars you registered to using the same social account will display. You can also allow the app to access your Calendar to sync sessions.

1. Tap Sign In in the bottom toolbar.

2. Select one of the attendee sign in options.

3. Enter your social media credentials (email address and password).

Set up automatic registration

When you attend a webinar, you are required to register for the session ahead of time. The iOS app allows you to save some of this information to the app, so that you will be able to be automatically registered for all qualifying* sessions!

Set up automatic registration in the following ways:

  • Sign in via one of your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google).
  • Tap Settings in the bottom toolbar and then enter your name and email in Personal Information.

The next time you tap a qualifying* webinar, the app will use this information to register you automatically and you will skip the registration screen!
* Note: As long as you have your personal information filled out, you will be automatically registered for most webinars. However, for webinars with custom registration question or those with multiple sessions that you must choose from, you will still be prompted to register manually before joining (since this custom information isn't included in the Personal Information settings).

View upcoming sessions (calendar integration)

The iOS app can check the calendar app on your device and show you all sessions that are coming up! All you need to do is allow the GoToWebinar app access to your calendar.

1. On the Join a Webinar screen, tap Connect to your calendar.

2. When prompted, tap OK. This will allow the app to access your device's calendar and pull information about upcoming sessions.

Add upcoming sessions to the app

From that point, any event in your iCal that includes a session Join URL will be automatically listed in the GoToWebinar app.

  • If you are an attendee, you can tap a session to register and join it.

View past recordings

Easily access the recordings of past registered webinars from your mobile device! 

1. Sign in via GoToWebinar account or social media account (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn).

2. Tap the Past tab.

3. Tap the desired webinar. The Details screen will display the webinar description, language, and recording, if available.

Mute/unmute yourself

By default, all attendees are muted when joining a webinar. In order for you to unmute yourself, the organizer must first unmute you.

  • Tap the Mic icon in the toolbar at the top. The icon will turn gray when muted and blue when unmuted.

Additional features

The GoToWebinar app supports other additional features.

  • Ask a question: You can ask the organizer and panelists a question by tapping the Question icon in the upper toolbar. Type in your question and tap Send.
  • Raise your hand: Get the organizer's attention and raise your hand by tapping the Hand icon in the upper toolbar. This icon will turn blue. Tap this icon again to lower your hand.
  • View and rearrange panelist's webcams (iPad only): You can filter the shared webcams by tapping the Webcam icon in the upper toolbar. Select one of the following views:
    • All: All webcams will be displayed at the top of your screen. You can re-size the webcams by clicking and dragging the re-sizing bar.
    • Talking: Only the webcam of the panelists who are currently speaking will be shown at the bottom of your screen.
    • None: All shared webcams will be hidden.
  • View handouts: View the handouts uploaded by the organizers by tapping the Handouts icon in the bottom toolbar. Tap the desired handout and see a preview of it in the Safari app.
  • "Like" a webinar: Let the organizer know you like the webinar content by tapping the Heart icon at the bottom of your screen. There is no limit to how many times you can "like" a webinar, and you'll see floating hearts every time you click. Share your positive feedback with the organizer! 
  • Share a webinar via social media: You can instantly tell everybody about the webinar you're participating in via social media, email or text by tapping the Share icon in the upper toolbar. This will launch a list of apps you can share with (e.g., Message, Facebook, etc.). Choose an app and a pre-populated post will appear. Post, send, share!