In-Session User Roles

There are a few different types of GoToWebinar users, from the people who host the meetings to those who attend them. Below you'll see a breakdown of each user type and their in-session capabilities based on roles.

User Roles

Depending on the role, users will have different in-session capabilities and features available to them.

  • Attendee: These individuals have very limited control once the webinar begins. Attendees join in listen-only mode and can be unmuted only by the organizer. They can ask questions, download handouts, take poll surveys, chat (by organizer request) and be promoted (by organizer request).
  • Panelist: Panelists can present, share their webcams, speak, answer questions assigned to them and be promoted (by organizer request).
  • Co-organizer:The co-organizer has access to all the same in-session features as the scheduling organizer. They can even start it on their behalf as long as they are members of the same GoToWebinar account.
  • Organizer: Organizers have control of all in-session features including starting, recording and ending the webinar.

In-session user comparison chart

Feature Attendee Panelist Co-organizer Organizer
Chat (if requested by organizer)
Share webcam
Answer questions
Drawing tools
Labs features
Q&A (if assigned)
Mute all
Upload handouts
Start poll
Record webinar
Start and end webinar (if part of the same account)


Understanding User Roles

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