How is the attendee interest rating calculated?

GoToWebinar allows you to produce a report for each successful webinar that you host. The Attendee Report includes various data collected about your attendees, beginning with their registration through the end of the presentation. One of the most valuable items included in this report is the attendee Interest Rating, which is a statistic that gauges attendee interest during the webinar. It is taken from an equation that evaluates each attendee's interactions on a scale of 1 to 100.

Note: Attendees can never reach a 100 in the scale, so a rating in the 90's is considered very good!

Topics in this article:

The Interest Rating equation

Generate a report showing attendees' Interest Rating


The Interest Rating equation

This proprietary algorithm is used to calculate each attendee's interest. Below you can see explanations of what each variable means.


(R) Registration Data

  • Percent of completed optional questions

(P) Polling

  • Percent of answered poll questions

(Q) Q&A/Chat

  • ([The number of times an attendee initiated dialogue] divided by [most frequently initiated attendee dialogue attempts]) times 100

(A) Attentiveness

  • Percent of time the GoToWebinar Viewer is the primary window on the attendee's screen

(S) Survey

  • Percent of completed survey questions

(L) Attendance Length

  • ([Attendee end time minus attendee start time] divided by [longest attendee length]) times 100

(N) Number of inputs (6)

Note: Attendees that join from mobile devices may not provide some of these input statistics because their operating system may not support the collection of that data.


Generate a report showing attendees' Interest Rating

1. Log in to your account.

2. Select Generate Reports > Attendee Report.

3. Choose the webinar you wish to generate a report for, and select Generate Report.

4. Each attendee will have their particular Interest Rating listed.