GoToStage gathers all organizers' content from their Channel pages and makes them more discoverable by viewers! This all-access video platform is a one-page hub for on-demand webinars for audiences ranging from marketers to producers. With GoToStage, you can generate more views and leads by increasing video discoverability, analyzing audience reports, building relationships and brand awareness, sharing via social accounts, and more. Below, learn how you can prep your content and keep track of the number of views your videos gets.

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Optimize Your Channel Page

Hide Channel from GoToStage

Keep track of views

View Analytics Page

View Videos

Optimize Your Channel Page

Sprucing up your content can help you increase your chances of having your recording discovered by potential attendees. Below we have a few tips for making your content the best it can be so that it catches the eye of users browsing the GoToStage homepage!

You can make these changes to all videos directly from the Channel page, or from a specific video page.

1. Thumbnail pictures: Use a thumbnail that describes your video well and makes it stand out! Add a thumbnail picture to your recordings by selecting the More icon and then Add thumbnail . If you were provided a default thumbnail by GoToWebinar, you can remove it and replace it with a new one.

2. Categories: Categorized videos will appear higher in search results and recommended content. Categorize your recording by selecting the More icon and Add Category . There are many category options to choose from including Business, Fitness, Marketing, and more.

3. Video title: Use a catchy title. Edit a video title by hovering over the current title and then the Edit icon .

4. Video description: Video descriptions will help them appear higher in search results. Add a video description by selecting a specific video and then the "Add a brief description here" field.

Hide Channel from GoToStage

You can opt out of GoToStage if you only want to share your recordings from your Channel page with a select group of people. This setting will allow only those with a direct link to your Channel or video to have access to your content. Note that all Channels are public by default.

Note: There is no way to make specific videos on one Channel private.

1. Go to the My Recordings page or sign in directly from your Channel page with your GoToWebinar, LinkedIn, Facebook or Gmail account.

2. Select View Channel Page to access your Channel.

3. Select the Globe icon and Limited People in the drop-down menu.

Keep track of views

You can easily track the number of views for your recordings from the Generate Report section. If you're looking for a detailed report of your viewers, you can generate the Recording Report, which will display the registrant's information and the registration date and time.

1. Log in online and go to the Generate Reports page.

2. Select Recording Report, choose a date range of available recordings and select Show Recordings. In the "Choose a Recording" table, you will see a Views tab with the number of views that recording currently has. You can choose to generate a report for detailed information on the registrants.

Note: You will only be able to generate reports for recordings from the past year.

3. Choose the desired recording and format, and select Generate Report.

4. The report will automatically download to your computer.

View Analytics Page

Stay tuned in with your uploaded videos! The Analytics page gives you an overview of your video performances with data on total number of views, top watch videos, total social media shares, and more. From this page, you can also export a list of your viewers from a specific video or a detailed list of all videos. Access the Analytics page by going to or by going to your Channel and then Analytics in the top banner.

View Videos

Once viewers select a specific recording to watch, a new "Watch Now" page will open including a preview of the recording. Viewers will be prompted to sign in or register before watching this (and other) recording with a GoToWebinar, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google account. Once signed in, viewers can select the Play icon to watch the full recording.


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