Connect Active Directory v1.5 and GoTo Accounts

The Active Directory Connector (ADC) connects your Active Directory instance and the Admin Center for your corporate GoTo account. This procedure configures that connection.

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1. Open the Active Directory Connector (ADC) and select the Connections tab.

2. In the Active Directory section, enter the following information from the Active Directory:

• URL of domain controller (fully qualified domain name without preceding protocol – e.g., LDAP:\\)

• LDAP Port (typically 389 or 636)

• Active Directory username and password

3. In the collaboration account section, enter the email address and password you use to log in to your corporate GoToMeeting or OpenVoice administrator's account. (IMPORTANT: This is NOT the login for the Developer account.) The administrator account is permanently associated with the ADC and cannot be deleted.

4. Enter the consumerKey you acquired from the GoTo Developer Center. If you don't have a consumerKey, go through the steps described at Acquire a consumerKey for the ADC.

5. In the API URL field, enter

6. If you want to use proxy settings in order to connect to services inside your network, check Use proxy settings and fill out the proxy fields.

Note: Proxy auto-config (.pac) files are not supported by the ADC service.

7. Click Apply changes when finished.

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