Assign Active Directory groups v1.5

Provisioning is the act of giving a specific user with a specific email address an account for a specific GoTo product - GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, or OpenVoice. The ADC automatically performs the provisioning for users in the Active Directory groups you assign.

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IMPORTANT: Users in the selected group, and in all nested subgroups within the assigned group, are selected for provisioning.

The following steps assign the Active Directory groups. If you wish to set ADC provisioning options for email addresses, to activate logging, delete deprovisioned users, or set deprovisioning alerts see Manage ADC provisioning options.

1. Open the ADC application and select the Provisioning tab.

2. Click Create assignment.

3. In the Create Assignment window, click Browse to search for and select an existing group from the Active Directory (the group SID will be automatically populated in the ADC).

4. In the Create Assignment dialog, choose the product to provision (GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining or OpenVoice). GoToWebinar and GoToTraining accounts automatically include access to GoToMeeting. Only one product can be selected for each assignment; to provision group members with multiple products, create additional assignments for the same group.

5. Click OK. Your new group assignment appears under Active Directory groups with assigned products.

6. Click Apply changes when finished.

Edit or delete a group assignment

1. Open the ADC and select the Provisioning tab.

2. Under Active Directory groups with assigned products, select the desired Active Directory group assignment.

3. Select either of the following:

• To modify the group assignment, click Edit Assignment and make desired changes. Click OK when finished.

• To remove the group assignment (and deprovision all users in the top-level group and all nested subgroups), click Delete Assignment > Yes. The group assignment will automatically disappear from the table.

4. Click Apply changes when finished.

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