Manually Add Users to Your Account

Most admins manually add users via the Admin Center, either individually or by using a bulk list for a batch import of users.

Alternatively, for admins that manage an organization with a large number of users or accounts with a high user turnover, it is recommended to set up and use the Active Directory Connector to automatically provision users and their product assignments. Learn how to get started.

Need to add Organization users? Please see Manage Organization Users.

Step #1: Create user groups

Create user groups to organize bulk sets of users so that you can easily make product setting changes to all users within the group.

Step #2: Create product settings templates

Create settings templates to apply customized sets of default product settings to new users.

Step #3: Create Welcome email templates

Create Welcome email templates to customize messaging sent to newly invited users.

Step #4: Add users and select their account settings

  1. Log in to the Admin Center at
  2. Select Add Users in the left navigation.
  3. Choose your desired method:
    • Individual users – Fill the first name, last name, and email address of the user. If desired, click Add Another User and repeat.
    • Multiple users – Click Add Multiple Users and paste your list of users in the following format:
      firstName lastName emailName@domain.extension;firstName...
      When finished, click Apply.

    Note: A user’s first name and last name cannot exceed 32 characters. An email address cannot exceed 128 characters.

  4. Under Products, select the products you want to assign. Tip: To view the features and capabilities of each product on your account, click Plan details.
  5. If your entered users will not have admin or manager privileges, proceed to Step #6. Otherwise, check the box to enable the "Administrator for this Account" option, then choose 1 of the following options:
    1. Select Full access to all account privileges to grant full admin permissions.
    2. Select Manager for specified group(s) with limited privileges to customize admin permissions as follows:
      • Privileges – Click the list of privileges hyperlink, check the box(es) to apply your desired permissions, then click Apply.
      • Groups: – Click None Selected, select 1 or more user groups to which your entered user(s) will manage, then click Apply.
  6. Under User Details, use the drop-down menu to select a customized Welcome email template (or click Create New Template to make a new one) or leave as-is to select Default Welcome Email.
  7. Select a default language for your users in which to display their Welcome email, all product Web App pages, and if applicable, the application that your users download and/or install to host webinars. Note: An active user can change their own default language settings at any time.
  8. Select a user group to which these users will be added, or leave as-is to select No Group (learn more about user groups).
  9. If your users are enabled to use RescueAssist, click None Selected then select the device group(s) and click Apply (learn more about device groups).
  10. Use the drop-down menu to select a default feature settings template, or leave as-is to select Default (learn more about feature settings templates).
  11. When finished, click Save, and your newly added users will receive a Welcome email that contains instructions on how to activate their new account.


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