Active Directory Connector requirements v1.5

There are three areas of requirements to use the Active Directory Connector (ADC) effectively: your GoTo Accounts, your Active Directory implementation, and the Windows requirements for the ADC host machine.

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Accounts Requirements

• A corporate administrator account for GoToMeeting and/or OpenVoice Corporate. The GoToMeeting base account is configured with seats for GoToMeeting, GoToTraining and GoToWebinar.

• Each administrator account is limited to 16,000 user accounts

• A GoTo Developer consumerKey set to Production level (used by ADC to communicate with backend GoTo servers). See Acquire a consumerKey.

Active Directory Requirements

  • An Active Directory Service account. The account must have read access and the password should not expire.
  • An Active Directory forest with Windows Server 2003 functionality.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 (not necessarily a domain controller)

Software: Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5 update (included in the ADC installer if needed).

Memory: 2GB RAM or greater recommended

Available disk space: Minimum 200MB (depending on log level and storage period)

Display: Minimum 1024 x 768

Internet connection: The ADC connects to via the Internet

Firewall Settings

Firewall settings should be configured as follows:

Use Case <source server> <target server>:<port>
Interface for provisioning <ADC Server Name>
Insecure connections <ADC Server Name> Active Directory Domain Controller:389 (LDAP)
Secure connections <ADC Server Name> Active Directory Domain Controller:636 (LDAPS)
Global Catalog, Insecure connections <ADC Server Name> Active Directory Domain Controller:3268 (LDAP)
Global Catalog, Secure connections <ADC Server Name> Active Directory Domain Controller:3269 (LDAPS)
Insecure/secure connections via STARTTLS[1] <ADC Server Name> SMTP server : 25
Secure connections[1] <ADC Server Name> SMTP server : 465

1. Optional: useful if sending Windows Event logs via email

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