Local macOS recording conversion fails or hangs indefinitely at 99%


  • Video temp file size is small (often 1KB or less)
  • Live session did not include Screen Sharing but audio and webcam only
  • Recording manager hangs indefinitely when converting at 99%
  • Recording manager fails when converting
  • File converts successfully but fails to play with an error 'Cannot play this file'



  • GoToMeeting
  • GoToWebinar
  • GoToTraining
  • macOS
  • Local recording




This can happen when a user does not initiate screen sharing during the live session and uses GoToMeeting for audio and webcam only.
When a GoToMeeting recording converts it merges the audio temp file and the video (screen sharing) temp file into one .mp4 file, local recording does not include webcams.
If the video (screen sharing) temp file is missing or corrupt it can cause the recording manager to fail out, hang indefinitely or create a corrupt .mp4 file.


There is no way to restore or salvage the screen sharing video temp file when this occurs but you can still extract the audio file for the recording in question by following the steps in:

How to extract an audio only recording from an unconverted macOS recording

Additional Information

Some macOS users may need to install a video player to play the .wav file, such as VLC video player which can be obtained here: