How do I share PowerPoint videos with my attendees?


  • Share an embedded video from PowerPoint
  • Videos played in PowerPoint arent displayed to attendees
  • Attendees only see black screen where video should be



  • GoToMeeting
  • GoToWebinar
  • GoToTraining




Windows cannot handle two overlay layers at once. By default in PowerPoint, overlay protection is turned on and cannot be turned off.


1. You will need to enable Overlay Protection in your default media player.

Note : Video overlay is enabled automatically in newer versions of Windows Media Player.
2. With Overlays enabled, open any video file on your computer
3. Mute and minimize the media player
4. Open PowerPoint

The embedded video can now be played to attendees

Additional Information

When you turn on overlay protection in your media player then the PowerPoint overlay protection can be overridden and the embedded video can be shared. For sharing a video file that is not embedded using our Labs feature please see: