How to Report an Audio Issue



Report an audio issue that requires further investigation such as:

  • Call drops
  • Busy signal
  • Garbled (distorted) sound
  • Poor phone quality 
  • Error messages when accessing the conference


  • GoToMeeting
  • GoToWebinar
  • GoToTraining
  • OpenVoice


  • Ensure that your issue cannot be resolved by troubleshooting local audio issues
  • If this requires an escalation, submit a ticket here
  • Please follow ALL steps 1-7 to submit a complete audio escalation. If a step is missed we will not be able to collect all of the required information to escalate this to our Audio Team
  1. On the support page, click Get Connected under Contact Support (bottom right)
  2. Select GoToMeeting as the product
  3. Click Hearing and speaking in a meeting as the topic
  4. Click How do I fix audio issues in my meeting?
  5. Click Create Ticket
  6. Fill out all of the required information
  7. Click Submit Ticket
Note: All information submitted must be valid in order to investigate the issue




Additional Information

Please note we cannot investigate telephone audio incidents over 24 hours old as carriers do not keep logs over 24 hours.