How do I select an audio option?



How To Select Audio Options (In session)


  • GoToMeeting
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  1. At the top of the Control Panel, expand the Audio tab.
  2. Select either Computer audio or Phone call.

  • If you select Computer audio: use the drop-down menus to select which audio devices to use for your mic and speakers.
  • If you selected Phone call : use a telephone to dial in to the audio and enter the access code and Audio PIN when prompted. For additional countries - use the drop down menu to select, if available.
  • If you do not see either the Computer audio or Phone call options, then it's possible that the organizer disabled the option for this session.
  • If they used custom audio information, then you will see specific instructions from the organizer to connect to audio.




Additional Information

If both options have been enabled by the organizer, attendees will be able to select between Telephone and Mic and Speakers in the Audio pane of the GoToMeeting Control Panel.
The audio pin is only visible once the session is joined. The audio pin is not provided via email or by the organizer