Understanding User Roles

There are a few different types of GoToTraining users, from the people who host trainings to those who attend them. Below you'll see a breakdown of each user type.

User Roles

Keep in mind that for multi-user accounts (i.e., accounts with more than one organizer), each user could potentially hold one or more of the listed user roles. For single-user accounts, one user holds all the roles (i.e., the organizer will also be the billing admin on the account and they will manage their settings within their account rather than the Admin Center).

  • Attendee: These individuals attend meetings that are held by organizers. Attendees can join meetings using almost any device, and they do not need an account with GoToTraining. They do not have (or need) any log in information.
  • Organizer: This is the basic user role for an account. These individuals use GoToTraining to schedule and host meetings that attendees can then join. Organizers must have a GoToMeeting account in order to log in at
  • Account admin: These individuals are organizers who also have special privilege that allows them to log in to the Admin Center to add and manage the organizers, settings and reports for the account. There is no limit to how many organizers can be account admins for any given GoToTraining account.
  • Billing contact: These individuals are account admins who also have special privileges that allow them to change the account's subscription plan, modify the billing information and manage other account settings. Only one account admin can also be the billing admin for any given GoToTraining account.

User comparison chart

Feature Attendees Organizers Account
Account required
Join sessions
Schedule and host sessions
Manage personal settings
Add and manage other organizers
Manage account-wide settings
Change subscription plans
Change billing information


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