Share Your Screen (Instant Join App)

When using the Instant Join app, you can broadcast your own screen (or a specific application) to the rest of the session participants. To do so, you will need to complete a 1-time installation of the screensharing browser extension.

Topics in this article:

Download the screensharing extension for Chrome

Share your screen or application

Stop screen sharing

Download the screensharing extension for Chrome

In order for you to share your screen or an application while using the Instant Join app, you must first install the GoToTraining Screensharing browser extension. You will not need to complete this download again (unless you uninstall the extension).

To install: 
  • You can directly install the Google Chrome extension here.
  • If you have not yet installed the extension the first time that you are made Presenter while using the Instant Join app, you will be automatically prompted to do so. Simply click Download > Add extension to continue.

Share your screen or application

You can choose to broadcast your entire screen to other participants, or select a specific application.

Note: If you're hosting from a Google Chrome browser, you must download the screen sharing extension before sharing.

1. Click the Screen button in your toolbar. If you do not see the icon, ask the organizer to make you Presenter.

2. A list of options will pop up. You can chose "Entire screen" to share your primary monitor, or select an application to share.

Note: All applications that are currently open will be shown. If you do not see the application you want, be sure that it is not currently minimized.

3. Click  Share to continue.

4. While your screen is being broadcast to other meeting participants, you will see a floating notification reminding you that other attendees can see your screen. You can click Hide to minimize the window if desired.

Known Issue: Web App Presenters should avoid sharing the PowerPoint application while it is in slide-show mode, as it can display as choppy and distorted to attendees. Instead of choosing to share only the PowerPoint application, they should share their entire screen to avoid this issue.

Stop screen sharing

To stop screen sharing, do either of the following:

  • Click Stop Sharing in the pop-up window.
  • Click the Screen button in the toolbar again so that it turns gray.


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