Share a Whiteboard (Windows)

Sightboard uses your HD webcam (and a little magic!) to broadcast an image of your whiteboard to attendees and share your updates in real time, allowing them to collaborate as if they were standing right in front of it. Sightboard can even see behind you as you write on the board and will automatically save snap shots documenting each change you make.

Sightboard for Windows was previously offered as a Labs feature for GoToTraining. This feature is no longer available for Windows presenters; however, we encourage you to continue using Sightboard from the Mac desktop app!

Why aren't my existing sessions working?

Any existing Sightboard (Labs) sessions that you currently have scheduled will be unable to launch. This is because they run using an older version of the desktop app that is no longer supported.

How do I reschedule a Labs session?

It is not possible to change a Sightboard (Labs) session to a non-Labs session. Instead, please any existing Sightboard (Labs) session that you have currently scheduled. Then schedule a new session.

Why was Sightboard for Windows discontinued?

Thank you for participating in our Sightboard for Windows Labs program. We decided to discontinue Sightboard for Windows based on its current overall performance, but we encourage you to continue using Sightboard for Mac.

We are committed to continue providing new features that will support you in getting the most value out of your sessions, and your interest in this feature allowed us to learn a great deal. Thank you for helping us build a better way for people to communicate with each other. We encourage you to continue using Sightboard for Mac.

Can I use Sightboard in the future?

Sightboard for Mac presenters is a fully integrated feature of the Mac desktop app, and is available on all subscription plans! Simply launch your session from a Mac computer with the desktop app installed, or pass presenter to someone using a Mac. Learn more.


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