Set product defaults in Admin Center

The Admin Settings page contains product defaults that, once set, apply to all users on your account who have access to the products. You can also edit your account name.

On this page, you can:

Edit GoToTraining settings

Edit branding settings

Click Edit to modify branding such as logos and custom colors for catalogs, materials and registration pages.

Edit payment settings

Manage your payment settings for your trainings and organizers' trainings by clicking Edit next to Payment. You will need a Paypal account. See Enable payments.

Set content sharing and co-organizers

Training materials are stored on the GoToTraining servers. By default, these materials are only available to the training organizer. If you want to allow training organizers to share access to the materials with other organizers, you can enable this setting. This also enables the addition of co-organizers to trainings.

To turn this off or on, click Edit next to Content Sharing.

Create custom user fields

Custom user fields allow you to define and populate a set of fields for your users. You can create organizational identifiers, usage or user types, etc. A limited, predefined set of fields can be pulled in from the Active Directory if you are using the Active Directory Connector (ADC). Custom user fields display on the User Details screen and in user reports.

1. In the Admin Center, click Admin Settings in the left navigation.

2. Click the Add a Custom Field button.

3. Enter a custom field name, you can include numeric and alpha characters. Click Save.

4. Once created, you can learn how to map your custom fields to user attributes in the Active Directory Connector.

Enable payments for GoToTraining

You can enable payments for your trainings. You will need a Paypal account.

1. In the Admin Center, click Admin Settings in the left navigation.

2. Click Edit next to Payment under the GoToTraining options. The GoToTraining Payment dialog displays.

3. Click Get Started to enable payments.

4. Review the Fees and Refunds agreement and click I acknowledge and agree, and Accept to continue.

5. In the Link your Paypal account window, you see images of the next two screens. Click Continue to Paypal.

6. Select Sign Up to create a new Paypal account, or add your Paypal username and password and click Log in once you have an account.

7. In the summary window, to complete your service setup, click Agree and Continue. You see a Redirecting message.

8. The payment details display. You can Add other payment options and enter a Refund Policy. Click Save Changes when payment form is complete.


Add users to your account

Set up user groups in the Admin Center

Set up email invite templates

Manage admin activities