Manage ADC v1.5 provisioning options

Provisioning options allow you to modify email addresses prior to provisioning for testing purposes, activate logging, delete deprovisioned users, and set deprovisioning alerts.

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IMPORTANT: The provisioning options are global: they apply to all users and provisioning at all times.

Modify ADC provisioning options

1. Open the ADC and select the Provisioning tab.

2. Under the Global Options section, you'll see the following provisioning options. To enable an option, set or select the desired criteria in the Value column.

Delete account of de-provisioned users – When users are deprovisioned, you can choose to completely delete the users' accounts, or suspend an account and save the account data. If you suspend an account, future provisioning of the user (assuming the same email is used) restores the user's prior account including the data.

Activate event logging for reporting – Logging records ADC events on the local server. The log location is set in the logging options.

Activate alert on number of de-provisioning/suspension operations – When the selected number of Active Directory users are de-provisioned or suspended, an alert can be delivered to the Windows Event Viewer. See Set up Active Directory Connector logging.

NOTE: Alerts occur based on events between polls. Set polling periods and event thresholds accordingly. Assume roughly one event every half second or 500 milliseconds.

Modifying email Accounts for Testing

You can modify the format of outgoing email notifications to avoid contacting users during testing of the ADC. You can direct the emails to a designated domain or non-existent account.

Modify email addresses before provisioning - Add prefix – Adding a prefix of “NEW” modifies to

Modify email addresses before provisioning - Add suffix – Adding a suffix of “OLD” modifies to

Modify email addresses before provisioning - Replace domain name – Adding a domain of “LOCAL” modifies to

3. Click Apply changes when finished.

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