Why am I unable to establish a connection with the host computer?


GoToMyPC gives error Unable to establish connection with your host computer.



  • GoToMyPC
  • Windows XP+
  • Mcafee installed and out of subscription




Mcafee installation out of subscription.
McAfee Security products that are installed on a computer are typically paid for on a subscription basis. Most McAfee products also contain a firewall component that restricts the access of certain programs to the internet. It is commonly assumed that if the McAfee paid subscription expires that the product stops working. This is not the case. After a McAfee subscription expires, users will lose the ability to configure firewall settings and some programs, including GoToMyPC, may be blocked following the expired subscription. This is due to Mcafee going into a lock all programs mode.


  1. Uninstall Mcafee as recommended by Mcafee.
  2. Reboot your computer.
  3. Attempt to make a connection to the host computer again.

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