GoToMyPC Mac viewer hangs after entering access code


  • GoToMyPC launcher hangs after entering access code
  • Have to quit launcher and try to reconnect
  • Sometimes able to connect successfully upon consecutive attempts



  • GoToMyPC v 9.2 b1930, b1943 & v 9.3 b2010
  • Windows host computer
  • Mac Client computer, most common in OS X 10.12 - Sierra




Unknown at this time, currently under investigation with our Engineering team.


We have temporarily rolled the GoToMyPC software back to a previous version that does not experience this issue until our engineering team can fully resolve the issue in a future edition.
Please run the update to this previous version, v9.1 b1875, on your host computer.
To update your host PC:

  1. Right click the GoToMyPC system tray icon User-added image
  2. Click Check For Updates
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the update

Additional Information

If you do not see an update available please contact our customer support. You may be part of a company account which will require an agent to manually update your host software.