Firewalls and GoToMyPC


Firewalls are a popular and effective security option designed to block unauthorized outgoing and incoming communications with your computer.

Some firewalls require additional steps to authorize trusted applications like GoToMyPC. If you have a firewall and are experiencing connection difficulties, follow the instructions below to reconfigure firewall.








To configure a firewall on the host computer

Note The GoToMyPC components need to be admitted through three ports: 80, 443 and 8200. One-way TCP connectivity is needed (TCP outbound). Please visit our IP Range Fact Sheet for more information.
Configuring your firewall for GoToMyPC generally requires two steps:

Step 1: Grant permission in your firewall program

When you first install GoToMyPC on your host computer, GoToMyPC attempts a secure connection with the Citrix communication servers. This connection process could trigger firewall alerts that will prompt you for action. 

  1. If you receive a firewall alert, select the check box to Remember this answer each time I use this program.
  2. Click Yes to enable GoToMyPC to access the Internet.

If your firewall does not automatically ask to allow GoToMyPC to access the Internet, you may have to enable it manually.

Step 2: Navigate and accept the GoToMyPC components

Firewalls and Client Computers

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