What Do I Need to Do If I Receive an "Unable to Process Payment" Email for GoToMyPC?



This email is sent when an error occurs during payment processing, typically due to out of date billing information associated with the account. Updating the billing information should resolve any issues.




Grace Period

  • If you receive an Unable to Process Payment email, you will be placed on a Grace Period for 9 days with full access to GoToMyPC
  • Our billing system will attempt to renew your account on 12:00AM PST on the first day your payment is not able to be processed
  • If the renewal process fails again, our billing system will attempt to renew your account every 3 days until the 9th day
  • Your account will expire if your billing information is not updated prior to the the 9 days Grace Period
The only action required on your end will be to update the billing information on the account:
GoToMyPC Personal:
  1. Log in here
  2. Enter email address and password
  3. Click Log In
  4. Click My Account on the left navigation
  5. Click Billing Info
  6. Update/Edit Billing Details as needed
  7. Click Save Changes
GoToMyPC Pro:
  1. Log in here
  2. Enter email address and password
  3. Click Log-In
  4. Select Company Manager Accounts and click Go
  5. Click Manage Account on the left navigation
  6. Click Billing Info
  7. Update/Edit Billing Information as needed
  8. Click Save Changes




Additional Information

If you are having issues updating your billing information, please contact us by clicking here: