How to Manually Setup a Printer for Remote Printing



Manually creating a local printer at the host for remote printing, for times when the GoToMyPC Printer(UPD) does not work with a host.


  • GoToMyPC
  • Windows Host
  • Windows Client


Verify your local client computer's printer driver

  1. On your client computer, click Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers
  2. Right-click the printer you would like to manually enable and select Printer Properties
  3. Under the Advanced tab, note the printer driver
  4. On your host computer, visit the manufacturer's website for your client computer's printer and download your driver
  5. If asked to select the operating system for the driver, select the operating system of your host computer
  6. Download and install the driver on your host computer following the manufacturer's setup instructions
To add a local printer to your host computer's list of recognized devices
  1. On your host computer, right-click the  icon and select Preferences
  2. Select the Printing tab then click Add Printer. The Add Printer wizard will open
  3. Click Add a local printer
  4. Ensure "Use an existing port" is checked then select GoToPort from the drop-down menu
  5. Click Next
  6. Select the manufacturer and model of your printer and click Next
  7. If the printer you select already has a driver installed, choose which version you would like to use and click Next
  8. Check "Do not share this printer" and click Next
  9. Click Print a test page to ensure that the printer works properly
  10. Click Finish
This should resolve most manual remote printer setups.  As a best practice, we recommend that you also disable bidirectional support from manually enabled printers:
1. Open Devices and Printers from the host computer's control panel.
2. Right-click the manually enabled printer and select Printer Properties.
3. Select the Ports tab.
4. Uncheck the box for "Enable bidirectional support". Click Apply, and then OK.
5. Try printing the job again.




Additional Information

Note: If the printer driver you downloaded did not come with installed software, you may have to locate the setup file that is needed to complete the installation. Click Have Disk and locate the folder where you downloaded the driver files to. Select the appropriate setup file and continue with the installation.