How To Determine Cause of Black Screen



Seeing black screen in GoToMyPC Viewer when connected to Host.


  • GoToMyPC
  • Windows


The symptom of a black screen in the GoToMyPC Viewer can have several causes:
The simplest test to determine the problem is to click the Tools menu in the GoToMyPC viewer. If all menu options are unavailable (grayed out), then the session is not fully connecting. This can happen for a couple of reasons:

  1. Some Nvidia GeForce drivers may cause this issue. This is the most likely cause. If the host computer has an Nvidia GeForce graphics card, check the model, then visit the manufacturer's page to download and install the updated driver. 
  2. Network based security (ie. hardware firewalls, content filters) may be blocking or filtering GoToMyPC traffic. This is very rare. If you know your network has a maximum transmission unit (MTU) threshold, please call our support team. We can adjust the GoToMyPC packet size.
If the tools menu is not grayed out, then the GoToMyPC is fully connected and local security on the host is most likely blocking screen capturing. Below is a list of some applications known to cause this type of interference:
  • Kaspersky: Application Control
  • Trusteer Rapport
  • Webroot: Identity Shield
  • Zone Alarm: Extreme
  • Zone Alarm: Force Field
Note:  If you have any of these software, or similar ones, please visit the software manufacture's website for instructions on how to whitelist/allow GoToMyPC.  




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