Viewer Preferences

The Viewer preferences enable you to change the way your Viewer window is displayed.

Setting preferences for Mac computers is not available at this time.

Screen size:

  • Start Host desktop in:
    • Full-screen mode: Opens the host desktop in a maximized window.
    • Window mode: Opens the host desktop in the Viewer window.
  • Show Host screen:
    • Actual size: Displays the desktop image at its full resolution (may require scrolling in the Viewer).
    • Scale-to-fit: Shrinks the desktop image to fit within the Viewer.

Viewer options:

  • Show update regions: Provides an outline around the area of the screen that is redrawn when your Viewer refreshes its image.
  • Dim Viewer when inactive: Dims your Viewer window whenever you switch to your local client desktop.
  • Copy/Paste between computers: Enables you to cut, copy and paste text between your computers.
  • Pass Windows keys to host: Enables special keys (Windows key, Print Screen) and combinations (Alt-Tab, Alt-Shift-Tab) to work for to the host PC when pressed.
  • Select Viewer color: Changes the color of your Viewer window.

Note: Your preferences may be affected by the type of operating system you are running and the type of rights your user account allows. Grayed-out options are not available for selection with your operating system or for the rights assigned to your computer profile.

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