Using the Host Installer (Corporate only)

The Host Installer is a tool that can be used by your IT Administrator to save time managing GoToMyPC Corporate installations on networked PCs.

When used in conjunction with a simple login script or a software management product such as Microsoft System Management Server (SMS), this tool can be used to silently install, upgrade, downgrade or remove GoToMyPC Corporate. After new installations, your users must register their computers before they can log in to their accounts and begin using GoToMyPC Corporate. No further registration is required when upgrading to the latest version of GoToMyPC Corporate.

The Host Installer feature is not available for Mac computers.

Install:   Using the Host Installer along with a software management product, you can quickly and silently install the application on your networked user's computers. After installation, your users must register their computers before they can log in to their accounts and begin using GoToMyPC Corporate.

Recommended order of operations for a new installation

1. Invite Users through the GoToMyPC Administration Center interface. Be sure to paste the following Host Installer user instructions in the invitation email:

a. Click the link in this email to create a GoToMyPC Corporate account password.

b. Once you have created your account password, do NOT click the Install GoToMyPC button. GoToMyPC Corporate will be installed for you by the IT department.

c. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to enter your email address and account password as well as create a computer nickname and access code.

d. Once you have completed these steps, your PC will be available for remote access.

2. Run the Host Installer using the instructions below. Once the installation is complete, users will be prompted to enter their email addresses and account passwords before being prompted to create a computer nickname and access code.

Upgrade:  You can also use the Host Installer to quickly upgrade the application on your user's computers without requiring them to stop working. If a user is remotely connected when you perform the upgrade, the user will be disconnected from the current GoToMyPC Corporate session and will see a system message with a prompt to log in again.

Note: Please contact your GoToMyPC Online Account Manager to have the upgrade notices disabled for your end users. If you prefer that your users not attempt an upgrade, set the PC Limit for that group or user to 0. This will cause the Install GoToMyPC button to become disabled.

Downgrade: Networked users on a higher version can be downgraded to the 6.1 version of GoToMyPC Corporate the same way as an Install/Upgrade. Simply substitute the 6.1 version of goSetup.exe.

Note: Downgrades below 6.1 will require re-registration of the host. Due to compatibility issues we recommend you do not downgrade Vista PCs to 6.0 or lower.

Remove:  Using the Host Installer, you can quickly remove the application from your users’ PCs without requiring them to stop working. If a user is remotely connected when you perform the removal, the user will see a system message.

To execute the Host Installer on a single host PC

1. Click to download the Host Installer for your version of GoToMyPC Corporate. Contact your Account Manager to change the GoToMyPC version.

Note: If you are not already logged in to your GoToMyPC Corporate Administration Center, you will need to log in after clicking the Host Installer link above.

2. Open a Command Prompt window.

3. Execute the Host Installer by entering its name followed by the parameters on the command line.

Silent Install/Upgrade: goSetup.exe -s -a -s

Silent Downgrade to version 7.2: goSetup.exe -s -a -s

Silent Remove: goSetup.exe -s -a -s -silentRemove

For example, N:\ goSetup.exe -s -a -s where N: refers to a network mapped drive.

Note: The install script knows whether it is performing a new install versus an upgrade. Therefore, if GoToMyPC Corporate is already installed on the PC, then running it again with the silent parameters will perform an upgrade. The silent modes are additional functionality built into the installer.

Note: If the Host Installer is executed without the command line parameters, then the user will see the InstalllShield dialog windows and be prompted for some information.