User Management Tool with e-Directory (GoToMyPC Corporate Only)

You can now integrate the GoToMyPC User Management Tool with e-Directory support! This allows GoToMyPC Corporate managers to provision user accounts from e-Directories (e.g., LDAP, NetIQ, etc.). Note that there are no additional changes to the existing Active Directory support services.


Company Manager Login

After starting the User Management Tool, you will be brought to the login page. Log in with your GoToMyPC Corporate admin credentials to select the desired account.

Administrator Login

After logging in to the correct GoToMyPC Manager account with administrative credentials, the Domain login page will launch.

1. Select Other in the Directory Service drop-down menu.

Note: For the Active Directory, select Active Directory in the drop-down and follow this article.

2. Additional fields will load.

  • Server Name: Configure this for the first time by providing a valid Directory Server Name and/or the IP address of the server (e.g., 111.222.333). Note that successful connections will be saved and users will be able to easily find this in the Directory Service drop-down menu in the future.
  • Based Distinguished Name (Base DN): In this field, the server will search for users and organization units. This field will pre-populate based on previous connection details.
  • Authentication: This field will authenticate users to the directory server.
    • Simple binding: Proof identity comes in the form of a password.
    • TLS binding: Proof identity comes by X.509 certificates.
  • Username: Type in your username. This field will pre-populate based on previous connection details.
  • Anonymous Connection checkbox: This allows you to connect to the LDAP server anonymous. If this option is chosen, there is no need to provide the username and password during authentication. Note that you can connect to the LDAP server anonymously only when it is enabled during configuration.
  • Port: By default, the User Management Tool will attempt to connect to dedicated ports for simple authentication (369) and TLS authentication (636). If connection fails in the first attempt, users will be prompted to enter the custom port number.

3. Once you are successfully logged in, you will see the Dashboard.

Add Rules

You can provision users to GoToMyPC by adding rules. Once rules are created, they can be run or set to run on a schedule keeping GoToMyPC users in sync with changes.

1. Go to the Users tab and select Organization Unit. All users in the unit will be listed to the right.

2. Select Add Rule. This will open the Edit Users Rules window, allowing you to choose the desired setting for the rule.

  • Update GoToMyPC employee information based on the selected Directory object: This checkbox will update all details in the LDAP directory and GoToMyPC.
  • Create GoToMyPC employees based on the selected Directory object: This checkbox will create GoToMyPC accounts for all users in the rule.

Commit Rules

You can make multiple actions to a full list of desired users.

1. Select Refresh. You will see a list of Desired Users and a list of Actions.

2. Select Commit Now to perform all listed actions. You will see a "Changes committed to GoToMyPC" message if successful. You will then be redirected to the Dashboard where you will see a History box of successful and failed actions.

Delete Rules

It is easy to delete a single rule or multiple at once.

To delete a single rule, you can:

1. Select the Rules tab.

2. Select the desired rule you want deleted and select the Delete.

To delete all rules, you can:

1. Select Delete All at the bottom of the screen.

2. A confirmation window will launch, explaining the effects of deleting a rule.