User Management Tool with Active Directory

You can now integrate the GoToMyPC User Management Tool from the Active Directory! This will allow Corporate account users to sync user accounts from the Active Directory to GoToMyPC, conduct a one-time configuration process, provision and update user information via rules, and schedule the syncing process.


Company Manager Login

After starting the User Management Tool, you will be brought to the login page. Log in with your GoToMyPC Corporate admin credentials to select the desired account. Note that if users belong to multiple companies, you will need to select the desired company in the Company drop-down menu after logging in.

Administrator Login

After logging in to the correct GoToMyPC Manager account with administrative credentials, the Active Directory Domain login page will launch. Enter user domain and credentials to allow the User Management Tool to read necessary properties from the Active Directory.

Note: If you are already running this tool on a machine and logged in, you can leave the fields blank and select Connect to connect to the previously saved domain and credentials.

View Dashboard

You will be prompted to the Dashboard after logging in. Here, you'll see quick links to viewing existing rules and creating new ones. You will also see the GoToMyPC user description and Active Directory information.

Add Rules

The User Management Tool provisions users through the creation of rules, which corresponds to the Active Directory Organizational Units (OUs) and security groups. Once rules are created, they can be run once or set to run on a schedule, keeping GoToMyPC users in sync with changes in the Active Directory.

1. Go to the Users tab. The left panel will display the Active Directory navigation. Administrators can browse this panel to find the correct user group.

2. Select Add Rule. This will open the Edit Users Rules window, allowing you to choose the desired setting for the rule.

  • Update GoToMyPC employee information based on the selected AD object (will disable user if disabled in AD)
  • Create GoToMyPC employees based on the selected AD object

3. Keep in mind that selecting Close will not cancel the creation of the rule. If you have created the rule as a mistake, you will need to delete it from the Rules tab.

Schedule Rules

You can schedule a rule to run through Windows Scheduler. This is the most common configuration of the User Management Tool as it allows a centralized user management for IT. If a user changes job roles, emails, personal information, or is deactivated in the Active Directory, a corresponding action will be performed in GoToMyPC automatically.

1. Go to the Rules tab and select Schedule.

2. Choose the schedule to run weekly, daily, continuous, once, or manually. You can also configure the state date and time for the scheduled talk to initiate.

Note: Scheduled tasks are created to only use active rules with the current user settings configured for each rule.

3. Select Save.


Need to enable or disable rules? You can easily make changes to your settings!

1. Select the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the User Management Tool.

2. There are two types of options:

  • Global: These options will apply across all User Management Tool installations for your GoToMyPC account.
  • Local: These options will only apply to the User Management Tool installed on your machine.

3. After all changes are made, select Save.

Help and Information

For more help and information, administrators can select the Question Mark icon in the upper-right corner of the User Management Tool. A help window with information to the GoToMyPC support team as well as web resources will launch.