Uninstall GoToMyPC Beta

You can leave GoToMyPC Beta at any time and return to the standard version of GoToMyPC.

To leave the GoToMyPC Beta Program

1. Log in at

2. Click Beta Participation in the left navigation.

3. Click the Yes, remove me from the beta program button.

Within 24 hours of leaving the beta program, you'll receive an upgrade notification on the computer on which GoToMyPC is installed. To return to the standard version of GoToMyPC, follow the instructions in the notification.

You can also return to the standard version of GoToMyPC immediately using the Check for Upgrade option (accessed by right-clicking the GoToMyPC icon in your system tray for Windows users and clicking on the GoToMyPC icon in the toolbar for Mac users).

Note: GoToMyPC Pro and Corporate customers will need to contact Global Customer Support to start and/or end participation in the GoToMyPC Beta Program.