Setting Preferences

GoToMyPC has several options that can be configured to suit your personal needs.  

  • Host: Customize how the GoToMyPC service starts and runs
  • Viewer: Change the way your Viewer window is displayed
  • Performance: Adjust the speed, color quality and display settings to best suit your needs
  • Sound: Optimize your session for system sounds or music depending on your sound card, personal preferences and the speed of your network connection.
  • Security: Customize security options for your host computer.
  • Authentication: Configure settings for the host computer access code, One-Time Passwords (OTPs) and RADIUS integration.
  • Printing: Add or delete printers for remote printing.
  • Connection: Configure the Direct Connections feature, and if directed to by sa ervice agent, test the status of your host computer connection.

To set preferences

1. Right-click the icon in the system tray of the host PC and select Preferences.

- Or -

In the Viewer window, select Tools and then Preferences.

2. Select the appropriate tab for the settings you want to customize.

3. Adjust your preferences.

4. Click OK.

Note: Your preferences may be affected by the type of operating system you are running and the type of rights your user account allows. Grayed-out options are not available for selection with your operating system or for the rights assigned to your computer profile.

Setting preferences for Mac computers is not available at this time.