Security Tips

GoToMyPC provides stringent built-in security features so that you can confidently access your PC from anywhere.

For added security, here are a few things you can do.

1. Keep your password and access code secure

  • Maintain strong password security to protect your GoToMyPC account and host PC. Don't share your password with anyone, and change your password regularly. PC users can change your access code from the host by right-clicking the system tray icon and selecting Change Access Code. Mac users should click the icon in the Mac menu bar and select Change Access Code.
  • When choosing your passwords, do not use common or easily guessed words. For the highest level of security, keep your account password and host computer access code different.
  • When using shared or public computers, do not use the GoToMyPC Remember Me feature to log in automatically. Additionally, do not use your web browser's auto-complete feature.
  • Use the One-Time Passwords feature for additional protection when traveling and using public terminals.

2. Protect your host computer when remotely connected

  • Use the Blank Host PC Screen feature to prevent someone at your host computer from viewing your activity.
  • Use the Lock Host Keyboard and Mouse feature to prevent others from using your host computer mouse and keyboard when you are remotely connected .
  • Set the Viewer Security Time-Out feature to 10 minutes or earlier to minimize the chance of someone accessing your host if you step away from your client computer. The default is 15 minutes of inactivity for PC users and 30 for Mac users.

Note: These preference settings are not currently available for Mac users.

3. Use safety features when inviting guests

  • Choose the expiration period for each invitation so you know when to be available for your guest to arrive. The invitation expires if the guest does not connect to your host PC within your designated period, so your guest cannot attempt to connect when you are away from your computer.
  • Choose the level of access to grant your invited guests. To limit a guest's access to your computer, grant view-only control. Alternatively, you can allow full control of your keyboard and mouse.

4. Completely disconnect

  • Make sure to completely disconnect when you are finished by closing the Viewer and logging out of the GoToMyPC website.
  • Do not leave the client computer while you are remotely connected to your host Mac or PC.
  • Close any sensitive documents or programs before you disconnect.
  • Set GoToMyPC to automatically lock your host computer when you end your session. This prevents someone at your host PC from using your computer after you have disconnected. PC users can enable this feature from the Security tab of GoToMyPC Preferences.

Note: Although GoToMyPC has built-in protection features, your best protection is to simply not give out or compromise your user-name, password or computer access code!

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