Missing GoToMyPC Printer

The GoToMyPC Printer uses a universal printer driver that enables convenient printing from a variety of printers.

The GoToMyPC Printer is only available while you are remotely connected to your computer via GoToMyPC. It will disappear when your session is over.

If the GoToMyPC Printer is missing from your list of printers while you are connected to your host computer, you can either manually enable a printer or reinstall the GoToMyPC software. A manually enabled printer allows you to print remotely with a specific printer model. If you use GoToMyPC remote printing with multiple printers then you may want to reinstall GoToMyPC to bring back the GoToMyPC Printer.

Please click here for assistance with manually setting up a printer.

To reinstall GoToMyPC and the GoToMyPC Printer

1. Go to the host computer you want to access remotely and log in with administrative privileges.

2. Download the GoToMyPC Installer.

3. Run the GoToMyPC Installer. When given the option to update your GoToMyPC software, select "Update" and click Next.

4. Click through the installation prompts.

5. Once finished, remotely connect to your host computer. See if the GoToMyPC Printer is listed when you are remotely connected to your host computer.

If the above steps do not bring back the GoToMyPC Printer, or if you are having persistent issues with the GoToMyPC Printer, please contact Global Customer Support for assistance.

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