Mac Features and Keyboard Mapping

Review keyboard mapping and a list of features currently available for Macs.

Keyboard Mapping

Right-Click from a Mac Client

Feature Comparison between Mac and PC

Listed below is a side-by-side comparison on the features currently available for Macs and PCs.

Feature Mac Support PC Support
Screen Sharing
End-to-end 128 bit AES encryption
User Authentication
Inactivity Timeout
Cut, Copy and Paste
File Transfer
Web Shortcut
Multi-Monitor Support
24/7 Global Customer Support
Keyboard Locking & Screen Blanking
File Sync  
Guest Invite  
Remote Printing
Desktop Shortcut
Shared Access (GoToMyPC Corporate)  
Signature Protocol (GoToMyPC Corporate)  
RADIUS/SecurID (GoToMyPC Corporate)  
Host/Client Authorization
(GoToMyPC Corporate)
Host Only
One-Time Passwords Viewer Only
Direct Connections Viewer Only

Keyboard Mapping

Currently the following keys are considered equivalent.

Mac Windows
Option/Alt Alt
Command (Apple) Windows
Clear Num Lock
Control Ctrl

Here is an example of a common keyboard activity:

Viewer Type (client) Host
Copy Mac Window Control key + c
Copy Windows Mac Windows key + c

Right-Click from a Mac Client

To right-click an item on a host Windows PC from a Mac client, hold <Shift> + <Ctrl> and then click. You can also select the Set Right-click button in the Mac Viewer to set your next mouse click to be a PC right-click.