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Installing GoToMyPC (Windows or Mac)

    GoToMyPC installation is only required for the Windows or Mac computer you want to access remotely.

    1. Go to the host that you wish to access remotely and log in to your account at just as you normally would.
    2. On the Installation page, click Install GoToMyPC.
    3. If prompted, click Trust, Yes, Allow or Grant from the Publisher Authenticity screen to begin downloading the GoToMyPC software.
    4. Click Continue or Next at the installer's Welcome screen.
    5. If prompted, select an install location and then click Install from the Standard Install screen.
      Note: If you are installing GoToMyPC on a Mac you will be prompted to enter your Mac login password. This is the password you normally use to install new Mac software and is not a GoToMyPC password.
    6. Click Finish to complete the installation of your GoToMyPC software.
    7. Enter your email address and account password (these are the same that you use to log in to the GoToMyPC Web site) and click OK.
    8. If needed, select the account to which this computer should belong and click Continue.
    9. Create a computer Nickname for the host.
    10. Create and confirm an Access Code that is different from your account password, and then click Continue or OK.
    11. Once GoToMyPC has been successfully installed, you will see the GoToMyPC icon on your desktop. On Windows computers the icon appears in your system tray, while on Mac computers appears at the top of your screen in the Mac menu bar.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022