How do I add a client computer?

The client computer is the one you are sitting in front of. You use the client computer to remotely connect to your host computer. Please note that adding a client computer differs from adding a host computer. As long as you know your account email address and password, you should be able to access any of your host computers listed on the My Computers page from any client computer. This means there is no downloading or installing necessary!

To add a client computer and access your host computer, you can:

1. Go to and enter your credentials (email address and password).

2. To connect to the host computer, select Connect. Depending on how many accounts you are connected to, you may have to select a specific account before being able to connect to a host computer.

3. The GoToMyPC Viewer should launch, which means you are successfully connected!

Note: If you are frequently using this computer to remotely connect to the host computer, you may want to create a desktop shortcut.


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