Review a list of GoToMyPC features.

Automatic Setup: The plug-in automatically launches, installs and configures itself - no restart required. Even novice users can be ready to go in minutes.
Mobile Support: Securely access your computer from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device.
Drag-and-Drop File Transfer (PC to PC only): Easily transfer files by dragging and dropping folders and directories between computers. You never again need to email files to yourself or copy to a USB flash drive. Get access to your files at any time from anywhere.
File Sync (PC to PC only): Synchronize files and folders between your remote PC and any other computer with just a click.
Sound (PC to PC only): Hear sound on your remote PC with customizable audio settings. Automatic muting on your remote PC means sound can only be heard by you.
True Color: View your desktop in brilliant true color.
Performance Tuning (PC only): Adjust the speed, sound, color quality and display settings to get the performance that best suits your needs.
Multi-Monitor Support: Use GoToMyPC with multiple monitors connected to a single computer.
Remote Printing (PC to PC only): Print documents to any printer wherever you happen to be - there's no need for the application that created the document to be installed on the client PC. A hard copy of that forgotten file is only a connection away.
Cut/Copy and Paste: Cut, copy and paste text between computers, simplifyingthe transfer of content between your computers.
Encryption and Maximum Security: All data is protected with AES encryption using 128-bit keys, dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication. One-Time Passwords are available for maximum security.

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