Connection Failure at the Host Computer

A host computer is the computer you want to access remotely. To access this host computer, you must have GoToMyPC software installed on it that you need powered on and connected to the internet all the time. You can connect to your host computer from another computer using the GoToMyPC website or your mobile device using the GoToMyPC app.

There are a variety of issues that can prevent you from establishing a successful GoToMyPC connection. Typically, when you see a “Waiting for the host computer to connect” error for a significant amount of time or you see any other error indicating an issue with your host computer, we recommend that you try some of the solutions below.

Note: Please remember if you are troubleshooting an issue at your host computer, you must be physically present at the host computer.

1. Reboot your host computer

Many issues can be resolved by simply rebooting your host computer. This might require you to phone or email someone near the host computer to physically reboot the computer.

2. Run the GoToMyPC Connection Wizard

You may also see a host failure error message if GoToMyPC is unable to establish a connection to our servers to start a session. The GoToMyPC Connection Wizard may be able to resolve this issue and help improve performance by locating and storing optimal connection settings in our data servers.

3. Make sure that a firewall or other types of security software are not blocking GoToMyPC

Firewalls and other types of security software may prevent GoToMyPC from successful connection. You will need to make sure that the GoToMyPC program g2comm.exe is allowed full outbound access to the Internet.

Please refer to the Firewall section for instructions on how to configure your security software to work with GoToMyPC.

4. Make sure that your host computer meets our minimum Internet connection requirements.

Satellite, dial-up, and other non-broadband Internet connections do not meet our recommended connection requirements. If you are trying to connect to GoToMyPC with these kinds of connections, you may have difficulty connecting to computers through GoToMyPC.

We recommend DSL or better Internet connections.

5. Contact Customer Support from your host Computer

If you still continue to have issues connecting to your host computer after checking for the above-mentioned steps, please contact Global Customer Support for assistance.

Please note that if the connection problem is at your host computer, you will need to be at your host computer in order for Customer Support to resolve your issue.