Compare Subscription Plans

The subscription plan that your account is on will determine which features you have access to. Learn more about the available plans below!

Plan tiers

  • GoToMyPC Corporate – Are you part of a large team? More administrator controls such as billing invoice will make remote access easier. You can have more than 10 users, access all of our advanced features and get the most out of remote work.
  • GoToMyPC Pro – Are you part of a small team that needs administrator access to multiple users? This plan includes almost all of our advanced features, perfect for a small to mid-sized businesses.
  • GoToMy PC Personal – This plan is perfect for those individual users who work remote need to quickly access one or multiple computers. This plan includes almost all of our advanced features besides administrator controls (central billing, monitor usage, reporting, etc.).

Feature comparison chart

GoToMyPC provides various subscription plans tailored to suit the needs of you and your business. The feature to which you have access will vary depending on the plan level that you have.

Note: Behavior listed below may vary from that listed on the sign-up page and may also vary between Windows and Mac computers.

Feature Personal Pro Corporate
User max 1 2-50 10+
Mobile apps and connectivity
In-session features      
Unlimited remote access
File transfer & sync
Remote printing
Screen sharing
Multi-monitor set up
Guest invite
Desktop shortcut
Shared access
Admin features      
Control of accounts/users
Comprehensive reporting
Central billing
Monitor usage
Wake on LAN
Control of groups
Host and client authorization
End-to-end encryption
Security features      
Inactivity timeout
2-step verification
Online self-service (24/7)
Live phone support (24/7)