Change Your Access Code

Your access code is a unique password that you create when you set up each of your host computers. It is stored only on your computer and never transmitted over the Internet.

For security reasons it is important that your access code be different from your account password (which is the password you use to log in to the GoToMyPC website). If you do not know your access code, you must be physically present at your host computer to reset it.

Note: If you are a GoToMyPC Pro or Corporate user, your administrator may require you to change your access code on a regular basis.

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Change Your Access Code on a Mac or PC

To change your host computer access code

If you know your current access code, then it can be changed either during a remote GoToMyPC session or in person.

1. On your host computer, click the icon in your Mac menu bar or right-click the icon in the PC system tray and select Change Access Code.

2. On the Change Access Code screen, enter your old access code and your new access code twice.

3. Click OK to complete the change.

If you do not remember your access code, click the Forgot your access code? link on the Change Access Code screen for further instructions.