Can I test my connection?

Review the following scenarios if you are having problems establishing a GoToMyPC connection.

There are a variety of issues that can prevent a successful GoToMyPC connection. For example, screens that get stuck during steps like Communicating with Server or the GoToMyPC icon displaying a red X indicate problems that may be resolved by conducting a Connection Test.

The Connection Test checks if GoToMyPC is able to communicate with our servers. This is necessary because if GoToMyPC cannot connect to our servers, you will not be able to access your computer remotely.

If you have a working Internet connection and are still experiencing this problem, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Make sure that firewalls or other types of security software are not blocking GoToMyPC.

Firewalls and other types of security software may prevent GoToMyPC from successfully connecting to your host computer. Firewalls could also interfere during communication streaming, causing it to fail.

Please refer to the Firewalls Section for instructions on how to configure your security software to work with GoToMyPC.

Run the GoToMyPC Connection Wizard.

GoToMyPC may be unable to establish a connection to our servers to start a session. The GoToMyPC Connection Wizard may be able to resolve the issue and improve performance by locating and storing optimal connection settings to our data servers.

Make sure that both your host and client computer meet our minimum Internet connection requirements.

Satellite, dial-up and other non-broadband Internet connections do not meet our recommended connection requirements. Users with these kinds of connections may have difficulty connecting to computers through GoToMyPC.

Make sure to have your correct log-in credentials for network authentication.

If you are asked to provide authentication for Internet access, it will be due to network restrictions specific to your location. Typically, GoToMyPC will be able to do this for you, but sometimes you may be prompted to enter this information yourself.

Because this is a network issue and not associated with the GoToMyPC software, you should contact your network administrator for assistance.