Authentication Preferences

The Authentication preferences enable you to configure settings for the host computer access code, One-Time Passwords (OTPs) and RADIUS integration (GoToMyPC Corporate only). If you are a GoToMyPC Corporate account user and the Shared Access feature is turned on by your administrator, you can view information on your host PC's accessibility.

Access Code

All users are required to have an access code for each host computer. The access code is only stored on the host computer and is never transmitted over the Internet.

  • Change Access Code: Enables you to change your access code for the host computer. You can also click the Forgot the Access Code? link to reset your access code. You must by physically present at the host computer to reset it

One-Time Passwords

A secondary authentication method One-Time Passwords require you to enter a combination of 6 words in addition to your access code before you can access your host computer.

  • Enable OTPs: Turns on the requirement to use One-Time Passwords.
  • Generate OTPs: Generates a new list of One-Time Passwords.

Note: To disable One-Time Passwords, you must be physically present at your host computer, because you will have to change your access code. If you are a GoToMyPC Corporate user, the One-Time Passwords feature will not be available to you if your administrator has enabled Shared Access on your host computer..

Configure RADIUS (GoToMyPC Corporate only)

You or your administrator to can configure our host PC to communicate with the RADIUS servers. You'll need to know your RADIUS server name, RADIUS user name and RADIUS encryption key.

Note: This option will not appear to users unless your administrator has required the use RADIUS.

Shared Access (GoToMyPC Corporate only)

If you are a corporate user and your administrator has enabled Shared Access on your host computer, this section displays the PC name and the number of users who have access to it.

Setting preferences for Mac computers is not available at this time.

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